Case Studies

Global Rollout of Endpoint Protection

Full Cycle Project for HITRUST Compliance

Assessment for Ransomware Readiness

Security Testing & Monitoring

Our client needed real-time security testing and monitoring of their infrastructure platform in the cloud. Their business partners require a 3rd party annual security audit as a compliance.

Esha IT has the experience in financial technology companies and SAAS platforms.

At a FinTech Company that has a SAAS platform that integrates with banks' backend systems, that requires cyber security testing and 24x7 monitoring.

A Seamless Project Implementation

Esha IT with the technical expertise for cyber security testing and managed services for monitoring real time, was engaged to partner with the CTO to execute an annual security audit and put monitoring in place.

Areas covered:

  • Audit network and security setup
  • Perform vulnerability scan and penetration testing
  • 24x7 SAAS monitoring

Approach & Benefits

  • Performed vulnerability scan and penetration testing
  • Performed an audit of their security policies
  • Leveraged our SOC for continuous monitoring
  • Client was able to respond to bank requests for a third party audit on a timely basis