Testing for Ransomware Exposure

Our client wanted to assess their risk for ransomware attack, as other companies in their industry space have been victims to such attacks.

Esha IT has the experience in helping companies looking to protect themselves from ransomware attacks.

A mid-size Media Company, focused in the Midwest, which needed a security partner to understand their overall cyber security risk exposure.

A Seamless Project Implementation

Esha IT was engaged by the CEO to perform a risk assessment of their IT infrastructure with a specific focus around ransomware attacks.

Areas covered:

  • Security testing – vulnerability scan, penetration testing, and phishing exercises
  • IT process reviews

Approach & Benefits

  • Ran a phishing exercise over the phone for specific employees
  • Executed multiple email phishing campaigns for all employees
  • Performed vulnerability scan and penetration testing
  • Reviewed and tested their backup process
  • Based on phishing results, advised on specific security awareness training
  • Identified list of security issues that needed to be fixed