Cloud Security

Cloud Security & Its Importance

Cloud Security is the practice of securing data, applications, and underlying infrastructure including policies, controls, configurations etc. Most Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) attempt to create a ready to use secure cloud work environment for customers.

The number of organizations migrating their technology to the cloud has been increasing rapidly. Over 96% businesses are either completely or, partially on the cloud. Hence, it is critical for organizations to develop a strategy for securing their cloud presence.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how cloud security can help organizations uncover common vulnerabilities and ways to address them.

We will discuss:

  1. Cloud Security – Why is it imperative for your company?
  2. Key concepts, terms and common pitfalls
  3. Understanding the Shared Responsibility of Security
  4. What, why & how : Getting started on the path to cloud security utopia?
  5. Managing & maintaining security compliance in the cloud
  6. Case study: Cloud Security Strategy of a SaaS provider

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About the Presenter

Raj Chowdhari

Managing Director, ESHA IT
Certified HITRUST Practitioner

Raj has over 25 years of technology leadership experience and has worked at start ups, mid size companies and larger
public firms. He has significant experience in consumer facing products, media and healthcare.

A technologist at heart, Raj has worked closely with business leadership teams and led digital transformation, delivered products across multiple channels, and positioned technology to positively impact bottom-line revenue.

Raj great combination of business acumen and skill helps ensure the success of our customers as we continue to grow our core business while expanding into new markets.

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