Is your business compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

A breach of the GDPR requirements can results in fines and mandates that can significantly impact your ability to operate your business and additional fines, compliance mandate, etc.

If your business is collecting and/or storing data from citizens or residents in Europe, you will be affected by the provisions of GDPR. Complying to GDPR takes more than adding a banner to your website making visitors aware of cookies from your website.

European citizens have a right to request their personal data in an easily readable format that provides the relevant information on the data being processed, the purpose, and if it was sent to a third party.


Applies to any non-profit or for-profit company that collects or processes personal data of a European citizen


EU citizens have the right to access, correct or request deletion of their personal data from the company’s database.


Data breaches must be reported to the GDPR protection authorities & affected individuals within 72 hours.


Fines for data breaches or non-compliance are up to €20 million or 4% of the company’s annual revenue.

How can your business become GDPR Compliant?

To achieve GDPR compliance, businesses handling the personal data of any European citizen needs to abide by the standards related to the gathering, storing, correcting and removal of personal data.

It’s important that your business knows where customers data is kept and who has access to it. They also need to responsible and have a security plan in place that implements measures to safeguard consumer data. Businesses will also need to train their employees on ways to handle customer data and requests correctly.

Our 5 Step Approach to GDPR Assessment

Based on your GDPR requirements, our compliance experts will work with you to assess and identify gaps within your technology and business ecosystem. We can review the scope, current policies, procedures, controls and create a comprehensive security roadmap that addresses all gaps. 


System study & scope

We work with your team to understand your organization so that we can prepare an accurate scope for your GDPR requirements. We can examine your existing network, identify the IT components that fall within scope and review your critical applications, business units and locations.


Data Discovery and Assessment

We will develop a deep understanding of your company data that needs to be GDPR compliant. This involves discovering personal data collected by your organization, charting your data’s lifecycle and mapping your cross-departmental data flow to prepare your Data Register. 


Control Framework Design and Roadmap Preparation

Our team can design governance and breach management policies, frameworks, and templates. We will also implement a practical GDPR privacy policy, assign data protection roles, train your staff and maintain awareness of your new GDPR requirements.


Implementation Support and Advisory

We define and provide any security controls, technical controls and advisory support services demanded by the specific GDPR compliance needs and context of your unique organization.


Conduct an Internal Audit

We perform an internal audit of your organization to ensure you are now fully GDPR compliant. We will present our findings to your management team and offer any final activities required to fill any remaining holes uncovered within your GDPR compliant posture.


Our Compliance experts can assess your company to see if GDPR applies to you. We can design a simple security plan by using the best technology to solve and meet GDPR requirements.

With our ecommerce industry and cybersecurity experience, we know how to get you there painlessly, balance cost and the fastest approach to meeting the objective.

Our GDPR team has experience helping companies achieve GDPR compliance. Our extensive experience in cybersecurity qualifies us to be your full-service security partner. Our team will work with you to develop your security standards while implementing GDPR controls.

Schedule a consultation with us to see we can serve your company, your clients and ultimately the consumers.



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