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HITRUST CSF was designed to help organizations that work with sensitive healthcare data become more secure. This certification covers the security requirements of all healthcare-related regulations. The certification process performs the necessary steps for an organization to be compliant with frameworks, standards, and regulations.

Recent statistics show that the Healthcare industry is being targeted by hackers because Electronic Health Records (EHR) are very valuable on the black market.

  • 8 out of 10 healthcare institutions were hit with two or more data breaches in 2014 and 2015. 
  • Over 1.6 million people had their information stolen and the estimated cost of these data breaches have cost the healthcare sector more than $6.2 billion dollars.

Understandably, patients and Healthcare and HealthTech companies are increasingly anxious about the security of their health data.

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HITRUST can help organizations of all sizes that “create, access, store or exchange Protected Health Information (PHI)”. Start-ups, small and medium companies can benefit greatly from HITRUST certification. This certification can help start-up companies prioritize information privacy and security without diverting their focus from growing their business. Risk management and security can be costly for any company but it is magnified in start-ups that are working hard to bring their product or service to market.

Becoming HITRUST certified will ensure that start-ups and small businesses have dedicated programs that manage their risk, security and compliance. Including these security standards in your growing business will prevent possible data breaches that could cost you time and money.

The authorized HITRUST experts at ESHA IT specializes in helping small and medium businesses become certified. Becoming HITRUST certified isn’t an easy process but it shouldn’t be painful. Our simplified methodology includes a comprehensive, approach to regulatory healthcare compliance and risk management that will simplify this process for you and your staff.
- Premal Parikh
Managing Director, ESHA IT


Scoping Process: We learn about your company, your data security and technology and define the scope of the assessment that is necessary.
Self-Assessment: We use our methodology and MyCSF Portal to help you review your company’s documentation, security policies and procedures. This will allow you to perform an effective self-assessment.
Road Map Planning: We analyze the results of your self-assessment report to address the security risks and technical gaps. We use these findings to design a customized roadmap that allows you to achieve your HITRUST® certification.
Validated Assessment: ESHA IT’s practitioners will use the CSF Assurance Kit to review documentation and conduct technical testing. This identifies potential vulnerabilities and completes our assessment. Upon HITRUST’s completion of the quality review, a validated assessment report is issued. Additionally, a HITRUST Certification will be issued for organizations that achieve the required scores.


Our HITRUST team has extensive experience with HITRUST implementation and certification. We will be your full-service cyber security partner at every step of the way in achieving a HITRUST Certification. Our team will work with you to develop your security standards while implementing the control policies.

Schedule a consultation with us to see how HITRUST can serve your company, your clients and ultimately the consumers.


Our team of authorized HITRUST experts is always growing. They have worked with small and medium companies in a variety of industries. They take compliance very seriously and know how to keep the process simple which will save you time and money.

Feisal Nanji

HITRUST Assessor

Rosie Fazal

HITRUST Assessor

Pete Niner

HITRUST Assessor

As a small HealthTech business, we were concerned that the HITRUST process would be expensive and lengthy. We chose ESHA IT because they were affordable and simplified the process in a way that me and my staff could understand. 

Michael. B
Chief Technology Officer