Why Managed IT Service Provider?

Just like larger companies, small and medium sized businesses need technology to operate effectively. As reliance on IT grows, the resources needed to support the infrastructure become increasingly complex. For small and medium sized businesses, IT resources are limited and day to day tasks can become overwhelming.

A dangerous spiral begins if you fall behind in keeping up with things such as backups, patches and security. The odds greatly increase that you’ll face an IT outage or a large problem down the road that will negatively impact the business.

Benefits Of Managed Services/MSP:

  1. Increased operational efficiency
  2. Reduced operating costs
  3. Cost-effective access to enterprise-level support
  4. Minimized downtime
  5. Allows the focus to be on running the business, and not the technology
  6. Monitoring the network 24/7/365
  7. Continual patch and management updates
  8. Constant monitoring and repairing of small issues

Managed IT Service Provider Services for Servers and Desktops.

  • We provide 24-hour monitoring, management, maintenance and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within your business.
  • Managed IT allows customers to save money by outsourcing IT support by providing Help Desk support, 24/7 continual proactive monitoring and response to critical issues, support for server-side applications, routine system and infrastructure wellness checks, managed backups and vendor management.
  • We work with Linux Servers, Microsoft Servers, VMWare and Hyper V servers as well as Microsoft Desktops and MAC equipment.
  • For the price of one tech you can have a firewall engineer, desktop support, systems engineer, server support, project management, cyber security, MAC support and many more techs working for you.

Network systems servers, software and hardware.

  • We monitor, repair and configure all mission-critical infrastructure equipment including firewalls, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, servers and network infrastructure.
  • We analyze what the current client practice and assess how new equipment or software may impact current and/or future configurations.
  • We then manage the entire implementation process including pre-implementation preparation, training, and post-implementation trouble shooting.

On-site, Part-Time Consulting.

  • We can have techs scheduled to work on-site days for clients along with our outsourced help desk.
  • Having a tech on-site gives clients peace of mind and many organizations over 50 employees need on-site access to techs.
  • We also will work with clients on a part-time basis. If as a client you already have IT then we can help if you are feeling extended or just need a position covered because someone is out sick or on vacation.
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