NIST CSF and it’s Benefits

NIST Cybersecurity Framework is a voluntary framework that consists of standards, guidelines, and best practices to manage cybersecurity-related risk. 

The main purpose of NIST CSF is “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity,”

The Cybersecurity Framework’s prioritized, flexible and cost-effective approach helps promote the protection and resilience of critical infrastructure.

The salient features of NIST cybersecurity Framework are:

  • It helps you better understand, manage, and reduce cybersecurity risks, data loss, and the subsequent costs of restoration
  • It enables you to determine your most important activities to deliver critical operations and service delivery
  • It demonstrates that you’re a trusted organization who secures your critical assets
  • It helps to prioritize investments and maximize the impact of each dollar spent on cybersecurity
  • It addresses contractual and regulatory obligations
  • It supports your wider information security program
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Who needs to comply to NIST CSF?

Entities like Government contractors, Educational & Research institutions, Healthcare, Financial services and Service providers will have an elevated security posture if they comply with the requirements of NIST CSF

Government Contractors
Educational & Research Institutions
Financial Services
Service Providers

NIST CSF Overview

NIST Framework Tiers

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

NIST CSF Implementation - Methodology

How will ESHA IT help?

  • We have the experts that have delivered NIST CSF projects across industries and geographies for about 5 years
  • The clients have ranged from Government contractors, Educational & Research institutions, Healthcare, Financial services and Service providers
  • Our team has enabled organizations to meet NIST requirements through their readiness & implementation services and worked on assisting them through the assessment or assurance process
  • Our experts have delivered 30+ NIST CSF implementations and assisted the client companies in the assessment or assurance process in the last 5 years.

ESHA IT Deliverables:

ESHA IT will provide you with a detailed analysis of how an organization’s information security program compares to the NIST Cyber Security Framework:

Executive Summary Report

A high-level report summarizing scope, methodology, and approach

Detailed Assessment Report

Summarizing the observations/findings. Assigning maturity level scores to the functions (Identify, protect, detect, respond, recover). Deriving the overall maturity posture of the organization

Corrective Action Plan

A roadmap facilitating immediate remedial actions (including short-term recommendations) to improve the effectiveness for each gap, finding, or observation

Detailed Work Papers

Detailed work papers for each phase including supporting documentation for the work performed and conclusions reached, as well as any reports or documentation generated during the assessment

Our Value Propositions

Successfully assisted multiple clients to meet requirements of NIST CSF, SOC 2, ISO 27001, HITRUST
Leverage on and off shore team; bring in the right experts as needed
Prioritize overall security requirements
Program management of multiple activities
Ability to help successfully implement multiple standards through a common framework
Auditor Relations – Ability to bring on auditors for multiple standards
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