How can certified ethical hacker powered penetration tests save nine

This webinar will help you understand the purpose & types of penetration testing along with the steps your organization can take to secure your enterprise.

We will discuss:

  • How can organizations stay up to date with the constant threat & risk posed to their assets 
  • Why should you conduct a technical risk assessment/penetration test?
  • Types of assessments, functions, coverage, frequency, expectations & differences
    1. Vulnerability Scanning
    2. Vulnerability Assessment
    3. Penetration Testing
    4. Red Team Assessment
  • How do you find the right test based on your organizational maturity level 
  • How do you prepare for a penetration test
  • How do you find & assess the right penetration test partner and ensure you get the best value for your budget spend

We look forward to aiding your understanding of penetration testing services and the right approach for your organization.

About the Presenter

Ashritha Alva

Certified Ethical Hacker, ESHA IT

Ashritha has over a decade of diverse experience in penetration & security testing. Over the course of the decade, she has executed assessments for organizations around the world and across industries like – Health, B2B Tech, BFSI, Defense, Retail, etc. The assessments have included web, thick-client, and mobile application penetration testing, network penetration testing including on-prem, cloud, and wireless networks, social engineering assessments, vulnerability scanning etc.

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About the Presenter


Raj Chowdhari

Managing Director, ESHA IT

Raj is an accomplished Senior IT Executive with 25+ years of extensive experience in leading IT in large, global organizations. His industry experience spans Retail, E-Commerce, Wholesale, Supply-Chain, Logistics, Distribution and Manufacturing.

His expertise encompasses strategy, organizational structure, and information systems optimization. He has extensive experience in IT portfolio planning, systems & cybersecurity, outsourcing, business continuity planning and business intelligence reporting. He has hands-on experience and understanding of governance & compliance, development methodology, and implementation standards; which enables him to understand customer pain points and help address them effectively.

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