Pre-Placement & hiring in times of Covid

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Esha IT at UPES, Dehradun

Despite industry-wide hiring freezes as a result of COVID, Esha IT has established its first university recruitment channel with UPES Dehradun for their security graduates; having hired two members from the university to our team in 2020. This year alone, Esha IT has grown 150% since the start of COVID across all levels, adding breadth and depth to our compliance and security teams. Esha IT is looking to carry this momentum into 2021 with 6 more junior positions opening up in January in concert with more experienced roles. As this growth continues, Esha IT will continue to establish new campus-recruitment channels to ensure we are finding the best talent to grow with us to become leaders in the industry.

The role of university-recruitment is crucial to the growth and culture of any company. Whether it is an intern, a full-time employee, or a leader, Esha IT is committed to creating an atmosphere of growth, camaraderie, and accountability for every member of our team.

Esha IT is a full-service cybersecurity, compliance, and consulting firm helping companies improve the way they approach and manage risk. Esha IT is always looking for driven security enthusiasts as we continue to grow. If you feel you are a good match for our team, email us at with your resume and a paragraph on how you would like to grow in your role.

If you are a campus administrator and would like to partner with Esha IT for pre-placement and recruitment talks, please email to schedule a call with our head of recruitment.

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