Are your technology decisions helping or hurting your business?

ESHA IT’s trusted experts provides the guidance and strategy you need to navigate today’s technology-dependent world.

Optimizing your technology and using the right tools and solutions will prevent loss of time and money. Let us help you make the right decisions that will help increase the growth & success of your business.

Enterprise Technology Roadmaps

So you have the technology and the staff but do you have a plan? We will work with your technology team to plan your short and long term technology goals based on the needs of your business. Our team will use their real world experience to create a customized roadmap that will help you make better decisions around your technology investments.

Organizational Reviews

As your company grows, your technology team needs to evolve to accelerate change. We can conduct an organization review that analyzes your team’s strengths and areas of growth. We’ll set you up for a successful future by providing competency models and structure that are customized for your company.

Mergers & Acquisition Due Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) involve a substantial amount of due diligence. Our consultants have experience on both sides of M&A transactions and can help you execute significant due diligence, technology integration and organizational recommendations. We have the tools and templates to ensure that this process goes smoothly.

Technology Cost Analysis

Do you have multiple vendors that need to be integrated? Are you over spending on your technology? Should you build your software instead of buying it? We can analyze your cost basis and recommend solutions that will save you money. We are experts at technology vendor management on a global scale and are ready to help you get organized.

Cloud Migration

Are you ready to move your data to the cloud? There are a lot of benefits and risks involved in cloud migration. Our expert input will help you find the right cloud service for your company based on your budget and IT requirements.

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