vCISO Services

Augment your Security Team

A CISO advisory service can either support your existing CISO or provide security leadership to your CIO.

Whether filling an experience gap, assisting with bandwidth, or serving as a hands-on mentor, our leaders demonstrably improve the security program — simultaneously helping to up-level the leadership team around them.

What is vCISO Service?

  • Every organization needs an experienced security leader to drive critical initiatives and align activities to address pressing business needs
  • A vCISO or CISO as a Service allows your organization to: 
    1. Strategize and focus security efforts where they are needed
    2. Enhance your organization’s cybersecurity posture
    3. Meet the industry-specific regulatory compliance requirements
  • Get the expertise and leadership of a high-caliber CISO at a fraction of the direct-hire cost
  • A highly flexible and scalable pool of skilled resources at your disposal to meet your changing business needs
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vCISO Services – Focus Areas

Common focus areas include:

  • Develop security strategy based on your current cyber security posture and your organization needs
  • Program development and management
  • Board-level coalition building
  • Policy and standards development
  • Maturation of various programs:
    1. Compliance
    2. Governance
    3. Security awareness
    4. Security performance metrics
    5. Goals

vCISO Services – ESHA’s Benefits

Decades of experience in the information security field, both technical & strategic, our team of CISOs have serviced small to large organization across various industries.

In-house staff are focused on daily operations, serving customers, and keeping the business running; outsourced vCISO can keep the long view in focus and make sure the team is pointed in the right direction.

If your business plans change, security risk increases, an unforeseen circumstance (e.g. COVID19) happens, or your customers demand; the vCISO has the ability and experience to quickly pivot to the new needs.

Scalability & access to a knowledge pool of skilled resources.

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